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Jet Li Fist Of Legend Full Movie Streaming
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Chen Zhen (Jet Li) is attending class in Kyoto University when some Japanese karate students from the Black Dragon Clan burst in and attempt to force him out because he is Chinese. Mitsuko Yamada (Shinobu Nakayama), one of Chen’s female classmates who has a crush on him, along with Chen’s professor and other students, speak up for him. The thugs turn violent but Chen easily defeats them using a variety of controlled Chin Na techniques. The Japanese thugs’ sensei, Funakochi Fumio (Yasuaki Kurata), who is also Mitsuko’s uncle, arrives to take control of the situation and apologizes for his students’ behavior. Fumio is impressed by Chen’s skill and converses with him, and Chen learns that his master Huo Yuanjia has died after losing in a match against a Japanese martial artist. Chen is distraught after hearing the bad news and he leaves for Shanghai immediately.

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